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Heroic Mother Shields Children From Uber Gunman's Fire

A heroic mother threw herself in front of a group of children as the Uber gunman opened fire.  She survived, and was able to give police crucial information to catch the shooter.

Tiana Carruthers was outside of her apartment in Kalamazoo, Michigan, at a playground with a group of children around 5:00 p.m. on Feb. 20, when a man, later identified as Jason Dalton, pulled up in his Chevrolet, noted Daily Mail. 

Carruthers sensed that something was wrong and jumped in front of the children as Dalton opened fire on the playground. She was shot several times, but survived. 

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller says that Carruthers’ heroic actions saved the lives of several children.

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Because Carruthers survived the shooting, she was able to give police vital information which helped them catch Dalton, who killed 6 people that day. She later identified Dalton in a police lineup as the man who shot her.

Joi Coleman, 12, and her sister Megan were among the children saved by Carruthers. Because Carruthers courageously jumped in front of the gunfire, the sisters were able to run inside their home and call police.

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Carruthers was one of eight people shot by Dalton on Feb. 20.  Six victims were killed and one 14-year-old girl is fighting for her life.

Mary Lou Nye, 62, Mary Jo Nye, 60, Dorothy Brown, 74, and Barbara Hawthorne, 68, were all killed at a shooting at Cracker Barrel. Tyler Smith, 17, and Rich Smith, his father were killed later that night, according to Michigan Live.

Sources: Daily MailMichigan Live / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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