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Heroic Man Swims Through Freezing River To Save His Beloved Dog (Video)

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A video of man breaking his way through a frozen river to save his dog from the icy waters went viral.

Little is known about the clip or where the incident took place, but the man in the video is being called a hero by commenters on YouTube, where the video has garnered more than 130,000 views since it was first posted on Feb. 12. The clip shows the man swimming through the icy river, crushing sheets of ice with his hands to clear a path. When he finally makes it to the dog, he scoops it up in his arms and swims back to shore.

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The video cuts off before the man and his dog make it to dry land, but the man's selfless act of courage is on full display. 

Watch the unbelievable rescue below.

Sources: Uproxx, YouTube / Photo Credit:


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