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Heroic Man Rescues Woman Who Was Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted For Five Days (Photos)

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A woman who’d been held captive inside a, home for days was set free, thanks to a man who heard her cries for help from outside of the house.

The victim, a 27-year-old woman, reportedly met 43-year-old Rejean Hermel Perron on the night of March 31st, and the pair eventually decided to go to Perron’s home. When they arrived, the woman began to feel uncomfortable and decided she wanted to leave. Perron then held the victim at gunpoint and forced her inside of the home. For five days, he held her inside the home – restraining her with duct tape and handcuffs – and sexually assaulted her a number of times. According to police, she was forced to perform “ritualistic actions” that they were previously “unfamiliar with.”

Peter Hamilton, the man who rescued the victim from her terrifying captor, said he was walking by with his dog when the woman emerged from the home with her restraints still intact. “My first thought was 'how do I get her out of here?” he said. “I knew this was a dangerous situation. I couldn't leave her, but I could not go back to my house to get my phone.”

Hamilton told reporters that he was able to free the woman using nail clippers, which was the only thing he had on him that was capable of getting her out of the restraints. While he was helping the woman, Hamilton said a man came out of the house. Despite preparing himself for a confrontation, the heroic dog walker said that the man, believed to be Perron, ran away instead.

“This is where it could have taken a turn for the worse,” he said. “He came out and he ran. He saw us and he just ran and that was a very good thing.

“She was very emotionally distressed and she said, ‘I'm sorry I have to put you through this.’ There was nothing to apologize for,” Hamilton continued. “It's just the right thing to do. We live in a society where sometimes people turn a blind eye to what's going on around them.”

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where she is said to be recovering. Perron was arrested and charged with sexual assault with a weapon, forcible confinement, kidnapping and assault.

Sources: Daily Mail, National Post / Photo Credit:


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