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Heroic Dog Saves Owner After the Pair Were Hit By a Car During a Walk

After a man and his dog were hit by a vehicle while crossing the street, the injured dog wound up saving his owner’s life.

Dorchester, Mass., resident John Miles was out walking his dog Lucy when a vehicle came speeding down the road and struck the two. According to reports, Miles blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened, but thanks to his incredible dog, he is still alive today. Lucy apparently limped over to a nearby dentist’s office and barked until she got someone’s attention, and then limped back over to her unconscious owner. She reportedly didn’t leave Miles’ side for a minute, even as he was being put into the ambulance.

“I’m very happy that Lucy did what she did,” said Miles. “Makes me feel wonderful because if a dog as good as her can get recognition for doing something above and beyond, good for her.”

Responders to the scene had to use Lucy’s tag to figure out who they were because Miles didn’t have identification on him. People at the scene say that Lucy was crying while her owner lay motionless in the road.

“What I’m being told is she sat there and was crying and everything else, you know because I couldn’t get up,” said Miles. “That’s the type of dog she is.”

Both Miles and Lucy are scheduled to have various surgeries, and family members say it will be a long road to recovery.

“This is obviously a terribly sad and worrying time for our family-with my father-in-law facing surgery and months of rehab and our much-loved dog, a hero to all of us, also requiring extensive veterinary care,” said Miles’ daughter-in-law Caitlin Miles. “We’ll do whatever it takes to get her well, of course, as she is everything to us.”

Miles says that the accident won’t stop him from spending quality time outside with Lucy.

“Once the winter’s over, if I’m recovered and Lucy’s recovered, you can bet we’ll be out doing our walking again,” said Miles.

Boston police say that the driver of the vehicle stopped after hitting Miles and Lucy and say there are no plans to press charges.


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