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Heroic Dog Helps Save Two Swimmers

A Bernese mountain dog named Nico is credited with saving a couple that got caught in a dangerous rip current off the coast of Ventura, California on March 19.

The couple, who were not identified, were caught in the ocean current while their small children waited on the shore. Nico ran into the water when the woman became caught in the rip current and began struggling.

“He went right out to her, right up to the side of the boogie board and he swum his body around while he was swimming,” Dan Clarke, Nico’s owner, told KTLA. “I just said, ‘Grab him anywhere you can.’”

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With help from the woman’s boogie board, Nico led her to shore. Nico also saved the woman’s husband, who had tried to rescue his wife when she became caught in the current.

Vivian Clarke, Dan's wife, understands how dangerous the water can be. “I know how treacherous it is out here and what a false sense of security it is,” she said. “To be not that far off shore and just get caught out and nobody around to help you.”

Dan and Vivian adopted Nico only a few months ago. Although Dan is a former lifeguard, Nico has never been trained to rescue people. He told the couple “That's the first time I've seen him doing something like that,” and called Nico’s heroics to “pure instinct.”

Source: KTLA

Image via KTLA


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