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Hero Toddler Helps Elderly Neighbor In Need


A Noblesville, Indiana, toddler reportedly helped an elderly woman who had fallen while out for a walk in the neighborhood.

Lee McFarland, 2, was playing outside his home when a neighbor walked by, on a stroll through the area, Fox 59 reported. Suddenly, the woman tripped in the middle of the street and fell.

Lee rushed inside and alerted his mother to what had happened, telling her to call the police. 

The boy was praised for his bravery and willingness to help.

“It’s awesome, it’s awesome,” Victoria Davis, the boy's mother, told Fox 59. “Not every day do we hear of a two-year-old, or two-and-a-half year old who we can credit to saving a life. We don’t hear that every day on the news.”

The woman is reportedly recovering from the fall.

Sources: Mad World News, Fox 59 / Photo credit:


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