Oregon Mom Shoots Intruder In Bedroom

A Portland, Oregon, mother shot a man dead when she found him in the bedroom of one of her two young children June 25 after he had crept into her home.

The woman, 33, had been out with her two children, who are 5 and 10, when she returned home to find the intruder. The man was in her child's bedroom, and she shot him with a handgun before calling the police, according to the Daily Mail.

Police arrived around 1:45 a.m. and found the man dead. The incident is still under investigation, and police will reportedly present the case at the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office to determine whether the homeowner will be charged for the man's death.

The 59-year-old man's name is expected to be released after authorities perform an autopsy and attempt to notify the suspect's family. The woman has not been arrested and is reported to be cooperating with police in the investigation. Authorities are still looking into the reason why the man had entered the home.

Amber Murray, a neighbor, told KOIN that the woman's home had been vacant for a while before the she moved in, and squatters had been taking up residence there.

"I know when the previous renters were there, there was a lot of mischief," recalled Murray. "After they moved out I think there were a few squatters in and out of there."

The medical examiner is expected to complete the intruder's autopsy June 27.

In a similar case in February, a Georgia mother was arrested after shooting a man who had broken into her home multiple times.

Demarcus McDowell had been harassing Qiandaye Dunn's neighbor when her husband, Anthony Davis, told him to leave the woman alone. Afterward, McDowell allegedly attempted to break into the Dunn's apartment, where she lived with her husband and children, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

After hearing him rattle the door and telling the man to leave, Davis said that McDowell returned later that night and entered their home. Davis reportedly shot at the man, causing him to flee.

When Dunn saw McDowell the next day while picking up her children from the bus stop, he was carrying a pole. Davis called 911, but Dunn had taken three shots at the man in the parking lot of their apartment complex. McDowell was charged with first-degree burglary, while Dunn was charged with aggravated assault because at the time she shot McDowell, he was not actively breaking into the family's home.

Sources: Daily Mail, KOIN, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (2) / Photo credit: Robert Nelson/Flickr

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