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Grandmother Dies After Saving Children From Sex Offender

An Ohio grandmother has died six weeks after being stabbed while protecting her grandchildren from a sex offender.

Candy Arthurs, 45, had been in a coma since being stabbed in the heart. She died at Mount Carmel West hospital on August 3, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

Arthurs lived with her daughter, Amanda Gibson, 27, and Gibson’s children, Jeremy Mullins, 7, and Kourtnee Mullins, 8.

On June 23, the family was approached at Gibson’s home by Kristopher T. Amos, 29, who claimed to be looking for a lost drone, according to a police report.

Arthurs and  the two children went searching with Amos, while Gibson stayed at home. At some point, Arthurs noticed Amos attempting to lure her grandchildren into an alley and she confronted him, after which Amos stabbed her with a large knife and also stabbed Jeremy in the shoulder, Columbus police say. Kourtnee was not injured.

Arthurs managed to stagger home with the two children before collapsing and being rushed to the hospital, where she survived a four-hour surgery but remained in a coma. Jeremy was treated and released from a local hospital.

“My son was covered in blood, my mom plopped down by the door, she said call 911, she was covered in blood,” said Gibson. “My mother always told me she would die for them, and that’s exactly what she did.”

Gibson found out later from neighbors that Amos had solicited their children, as well, using the same drone ruse. The suspect lived just down the street from Gibson and is a registered sex offender. In 2010, he tried to lure children into the shower of a YMCA, according to the national sex-offender registry.

After the June 23 stabbing, Amos was charged with felonious assault and has now been charged with murder following the death of Arthurs.

Despite being in a coma, Arthurs’ condition seemed to be improving, so Gibson expressed shock upon learning that her mother had died.

Arthurs herself had a criminal record, having been released in 2014 from the Ohio Reformatory for Women after doing time for drug trafficking and “engaging in corrupt acts,” according to the website Bail Bond City.

But the grandchildren she died protecting were her inspiration to get her life back on track, says Gibson, who noted that the important thing to remember is that her mother “was murdered helping someone.”

Sources: Columbus Dispatch, Bail Bond City / Photo credit: Arthurs Family via Daily Mail

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