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Pregnant Woman And Her Boyfriend Saved By Their Beloved Rottweiler

A pregnant U.K. woman says she owes her life to her Rottweiler, who saved her from a group of knife-wielding criminals that broke into her home.

Reports say that on March 9, 2014, 24-year-old Kasha Marie Weston was home with her 26-year-old boyfriend Aryan Salhi and their dog Rocky when a gang of criminals busted into their home. One of the suspects held a knife to Weston’s throat while the others reportedly “rained blows” to Salhi.

“Aryan and I were in bed, with Rocky fast asleep on the floor next to us,” Weston said, according to the Mirror. “Suddenly, there was a loud banging on the front door. Rocky shot straight out the room, barking madly. I peered through the spy hole but I couldn’t see a thing but Rocky was still barking furiously.

"He wouldn’t calm down and we were worried he was going to wake the street, so we put him in the bathroom," Weston continued. "We opened the door gently and as we did a gang of four men burst through. They shouted, ‘Where’s the money?’ We didn’t know what they meant.”

Weston said that the men were extremely aggressive and violent and she actually believed they were going to kill her.

“He said, ‘Shut up,' and held the knife to my throat,” the 24-year-old said of one of the suspects. “Aryan grappled with the other three and I could hear Rocky going mad in the bathroom. I begged them to leave us alone and told them I was pregnant, but they continued to rain blows down on Aryan. I thought they were going to kill us.”

Just when the situation started to escalate to a terrifying new level, the couple’s fearless dog Rocky, a Rottweiler, came to their rescue.

“Rocky crashed out the bathroom and came bounding over,” Weston said. “He sprang to our defence [sic] and bared his teeth at the intruders. They were terrified and ran out the front door but Rocky was hot on their heels. Aryan checked I was ok and then ran after them.”

Salhi was able to catch up with one of the men and restrain him until police arrived, and back in September, that suspect, 19-year-old Benedict Ayolla, was sentenced to 10 years in jail for the crime. The other suspects were able to get away, but regardless, Weston and Salhi say they owe their lives to Rocky.

“We still don’t know why we were targeted,” Weston said. “But with Rocky with us though, I know we don’t have to worry. He’ll never let any harm come to us.”

Sources: The Daily Mirror, The Daily Star / Photo Source: WikiCommons


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