Hero Dog Dials 911 On Cell Phone While Veteran Owner Has A Seizure (Video)


When a military veteran suddenly had a seizure, his trustworthy service dog knew exactly what to do to save his life.

Terry McGlade of Ohio suffers from both a seizure disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder after running into a roadside bomb while fighting in Afghanistan. Nowadays, McGlade has a trained service dog named Major who knows what to do when the veteran starts to have problems.

When Major noticed that McGlade was exhibiting signs of having a seizure, he started to get “hyper.” According to reports, the hero dog was amazingly able to dial 911 on the veteran’s cell phone.

“He actually was able to get the phone out of my pocket,” said McGlade. “I don't have the phone anymore, but there are teeth marks on the phone.”

The phone’s screen is set up to automatically dial 911, so when the dog pulled it out of McGlade’s pocket, he stepped on it for several seconds until it dialed. Emergency responders say that they received the call and didn’t hear any barking or talking, but they knew that something was wrong, so they went to the home to check it out. When they arrived, Major was patiently waiting for them in the front yard and directed them to the back of the house where McGlade was on the ground, motionless.

McGlade says he owes his life to Major, and many are calling the dog a hero.

"I probably would have been in severe trouble if he wouldn't have called,” said McGlade. “Right now, he is my world because he is an extension to my body. I don't think I could operate in the everyday world without him right now.”

Since the incident, McGlade has entered Major in the American Humane Society Hero Dog Awards, and voting can be done here. If any dog deserves that award, it surely is Major.


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