Hero Dog Czarue Saves 3-Year-Old From Freezing to Death


A stray dog named Czarue saved the life of a three-year-old Polish girl by cuddling with her to keep her warm after she got lost in the woods.

Julia wandered out of her grandmother’s house in Pierzwin, Poland with the dog as the sun was going down on Friday. The two got lost in the forest as darkness fell and ended up staying overnight. Temperatures dropped to -5C during the course of the night. Had Czarue not used his body heat to keep Julia warm, it is believed that she would have died.

Julia’s grandmother, Danuta Balak, realized that the girl had gone missing and a search party went out to find her. However they did not find her until morning, reports The Daily Mail. When Julia’s rescuers located her, she was wet and crying for mother. She also had her arms wrapped around her heroic dog Czarue. They were four miles from Julia’s home.

Fireman Grzegorz Szymonowski said: “This dog is the most important part of this story, he is a hero. It is thanks to this dog that the girl survived the night.”

Balak said that Czarue had become her granddaughter’s best friend. “She was with this dog all the time. She didn't go anywhere without it,” Balak said. “When she was with me, when I was looking after her, she constantly said, ‘Granny, the dog needs to come in the house.’ And she told me to cut bread and she fed it all the time.”

Kazimiera Barczyk is the head of the pediatric ward of the hospital where Julia was taken. “The only unusual symptoms are swollen hands and feet, probably from the frost. A surgeon inspected this and prescribed ointments. The next few days will show if there is some deeper frostbite, or just surface changes,” Barczyk said.

She added:

“This dog, which was with her most probably kept her warm. It lay down next to her when she fell asleep. She was walking and walking, and fell asleep when she got tired. The child was brought just before eight o'clock, at the beginning she was scared of people, and she was in shock. At the moment her mother is going through a lot of stress.”

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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