Hero Discovers He's In The Room With 80 People He Saved From Nazi Concentration Camps 50 Years Prior (Video)


In 1988, Sir Nicholas Winton appeared on the BBC television program “That’s Life” to highlight his amazing work to save Jewish Czechoslovakian children during Hitler’s reign in 1938. Winton headed an operation to save children during the Holocaust, but he never spoke about his efforts after the war was over.

Winton had spent the prior 50 years since his incredible rescue attempt dealing with guilt and sadness over the loss of those children he wasn’t able to rescue from the hands of the evil Nazi German dictator. Eventually, his wife discovered a scrapbook, list of names, and journals documenting his rescue operation, and she convinced him to go public with his story, leading to his appearance of the BBC show.

While appearing on the show, unbeknownst to him, he received an amazing surprise when the host revealed that 80 of the audience members surrounding him were saved during the rescue operation.

Today, Winton is 104 years old, has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, and was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The touching video of Winton’s surprise on the BBC program has spread all over the Internet recently and is a reminder of just how many people have gone unrecognized for doing heroic things in the course of history.


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