Dad Heroically Saves Two-Year-Old Son From Vicious Dogs (Video)

A heroic dad saved his two-year-old son’s life after two dogs mauled him in the family’s backyard.

James Hardegree says he locked two-year-old Colton Brown inside of their home after noticing two dogs, a Rottweiler and a Labrador, that had strayed into their yard fighting over a dead animal in the woods. The toddler, however, was able to get the door open, and as he made his way outside, he became tangled in the chain that one dog was carrying, and both dogs proceeded to rip into his face.

“He came running back out, he got tangled up in the chain of the [Rottweiler], it all just happened so fast,” said Hardegree. “He was just up under them, and they were fighting, and whether or not they meant to get him, they did.”

Hardegree was able to chase the dogs away and heroically save his son’s life, but extensive damage had already been done, so the boy had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment.

“He had 4 1/2 inch gash in his face all the way to the bone,” said Colton’s mother Lindsay Brown. “On this side, his ear, two deep puncture wounds.”

Brown posted pictures of her son to Facebook and expressed sadness that he had to go through the harrowing ordeal.

“Breaks my heart that instead of my baby having [an] awesome day, he is stuck in a hospital and is hurt badly, no child should go [through] this,” wrote Brown on her Facebook page.

Officials are currently searching for the dogs and their owner, but so far, they have had no luck.

“You shouldn't have a home and worry that something is going to happen to your child in your own backyard,” said Brown.

Police say they do not know if either of the dogs were diseased, which makes locating them that more important. Colton has been released from the hospital and is reportedly recovering well.

Sources: Daily Mail, News.Com.AU, Courier Mail


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