Heroic Bus Driver Stops Gunmen

A North Carolina school bus driver reportedly stopped a pair of gunmen who were planning to carry out a school massacre.

When Macon County School District bus driver Alice Bradley drove to school on the morning of June 9, 2015, to pick up her bus, she saw a strange couple standing in the parking lot of South Macon Elementary School with loaded guns, according to WGHP. Bradley says the man then pointed a gun at her.

Thinking quickly, Bradley stepped on the gas and rushed her car toward the pair, causing them to run to avoid being hit. After Bradley called 911, authorities arrested the couple, Adam Conley, and Kathryn Jeter. Both are now being held on a $1 million bond.

"He just pointed [the gun] at me, and I said, 'Lord he's going to shoot me,'" Bradley said of Conley. "I just boarded my car and went toward him," she added.

Conley has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, and Jeter's charges include assault with a deadly weapon with attempt to kill. The two said that they would have opened fire on students if it was "God's will."

According to investigators, Conley and Jeter were carrying five pistols with them and are believed to have been on drugs, says WSOC. The body of a cat was also found at the school, with signs of having been shot and stabbed. When questioned, one of the suspects said that the cat was "defective," according to the town's sheriff.

"He was a very sick individual. He had been for a very long time, I mean everyone knows him in the neighborhood," Courtney Stamey, a parent from the school district, said of Conley.

Sheriff Robbie Holland told WLOS that Bradley's actions potentially saved students' lives at the school. Bradley was also given an award for her bravery at a school transportation conference in Richmond.

"I thought of the kids," Bradley told WLOS, according to Little Things. "I was real nervous. I always thought I’ve been a tough woman but this really scared me. It did."

Sources: Little Things, WGHP, WLOS, WSOC / Photo credit: WLOS

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