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Hero Brain Surgeon Ditches Car, Walks Six Miles In Snowstorm To Save Patient (Video)

A 62-year-old brain surgeon walked six miles in the Alabama blizzard to perform a life-saving operation Tuesday morning.

When Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw was called to another hospital to operate on a patient in critical condition, he ended up ditching his car and trudging through snow in just his slip-ons and scrubs after snow and ice shut down traffic in Birmingham.

He arrived at Trinity Medical Center several hours later and operated on a man with a traumatic brain injury.

"He had a 90 percent chance of dying," Hrynkiw said.

"Without the surgery, the patient would have most likely died. But he is doing well," Trinity neuro intensive care charge nurse Steve Davis told

That wasn’t all he accomplished that day. During his trip, he “helped some people in cars who were stuck and spinning."

"So we got a few cars out of the ditch," said Hrynkiw, who plays tennis and walks to stay in shape. 

“It was kind of a fun journey."

"I walk a lot so it really wasn't that big a deal," he added.

Keith Granger, CEO of Trinity, said the doctor is being modest.

"It was not just a walk in the park," Granger said.

Given the circumstances, he said, "it's a remarkable physical feat and mental feat. And we have an individual alive today who wouldn't be here if not for his efforts."

Sources:, NPR


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