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Hero Antonio Diaz Chacon Saves Girl from Kidnapper

A New Mexico man is being hailed as a hero after witnessing a man trying to kidnap a little girl; instead of idly standing by, he jumped into action to stop him and save the girl.

The Associated Press reports that 24-year-old Antonio Diaz Chacon was standing on a street in Albuquerque on Monday when he saw a man grab a girl and force her into his van.

"The way he grabbed her and threw her into the van, I knew it wasn't right," he said.

While his wife called 911, Diaz Chacon jumped into his pickup truck and gave chase.

"I knew I had to catch him. I had to get the girl back from him and take her home, back where she belongs," he said.  

The van eventually crashed into a telephone pole during the chase. The driver got out and ran off. Diaz Chacon made the decision to rescue the girl instead of continuing to chase the man. Except for being shaken up, the six-year-old girl was fine.

Police were able to arrest the alleged would-be kidnapper, Philip Garcia, when he came back to retrieve his smashed van. He is charged with kidnapping and child abuse.

The New York Daily News said Diaz Chacon has been bombarded with cards and offers of cash for his heroic actions, proving the old adage that no good deed goes unnoticed.


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