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Here's Why You Shouldn't Rely On Padlocks (Video)

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Padlocks are essential for those who want to secure their valuable items in a cinch. But a viral video posted to YouTube shows just how easy it is to pick a padlock (video below).

Bosnianbill, the creator of the video, is an expert locksmith and has posted other various clips on how to pick locks, according to Wimp.

In one of his videos, he says he loves finding new and innovative ways to get into locks. The one he demonstrates this on is a Master Lock No. 3 padlock.

He holds the lock between his hands and takes a brass hammer to the side of the lock, applying tension, eventually overcoming the locking mechanism. The lock opens effortlessly in what he says is a “wonderful piece of American lock engineering,” before throwing the lock on the table.

“Stay safe, stay legal, stay away from Master Lock,” he says.

“Not just Master, but any padlock of like design can be rapped open. I have a locksmith booklet published back in 1978 with the tip sent in by a locksmith,” says a user.

The video has over 2.9 million views and more than 5,700 up-votes, but not everyone is pleased.

One user writes that Bosnianbill’s trick doesn’t work:

This has been tried by many many people, and it does not work. Check out Bosnian Bill's other "funny" videos that poke fun at Masterlock. My favorite is when he has a giant lock approach it, and it suddenly springs open. Funny video magic, but not real stuff. I challenge anyone to post a video of this actually working - no video trickery, no hiding the key way. (P.S. Bosnian Bill obviously knows how to open all manner of locks, as you can see from his website. This video is not on his official website by the way).

While another commentator says, “Holy s*** I just did it to my lock and it works.”

“One of these days I'm expecting Bill to just fart on one of them and we'll watch it pop right open,” writes another.

But if you think this will work on a combo lock, think again.

“No, sadly. The only technique I've seen with a combo lock is to slide in a piece of metal next to the number, and rotate it until you feel the [metal] slide a little further,” says another user.

 Sources: Wimp, Bosnianbill/YouTube / Photo credit: Bosnianbill/YouTube

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