Here's Why This Woman's Face Swelled Up (Photos)


A popular health vlogger shared pictures of the horrifying allergic reaction she suffered after using henna hair dye.

Chemese Armstrong took to Instagram to spread awareness of her reaction to the dye.

"The past couple of days has been extremely rough. I mention before that I die my hair with Henna because of my research and what I was told that it was supposed to be completely natural and chemical free but it wasn't and I had a severe allergic reaction as you can see from the pictures," Armstrong wrote alongside a photo of the progression of her allergic reaction.

"I'm not posting this for any advice or any negative comments. I'm fully aware of what these pictures look like. I had to endure this nightmare. If you do not have anything nice to say please keep strolling. I want to let everyone that pray for me or send me well-wishes know what was going on.

I was in severe pain from my scalp burning and itching with my face completely's swollen to the point I was unrecognisable. The most scary part about this whole thing is that my eyes was completely swollen shut where I couldn't see for 2 days. My doctor was afraid that it was going to start affecting my breathing which that didn't happen and as of today my eyes are open and I can see again but my face is still very swollen (I don't look like myself).

I'm not in any more pain and I feel things are heading in the right direction. I hate that this had to happen but now I'm even more focus on making sure that my health is number one priority."

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Many of Armstrong's followers expressed well wishes for the vlogger after the photos were shared.

"This breaks my heart," one follower wrote. "I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hope that you are continuing to heal and feeling much better now."

She later posted an update, telling supporters that she was "doing better" and "taking it one day at a time."

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In a similar case, Imgur user thechosenginger posted photos of the allergic reaction her friend suffered to hair dye used at a salon. The trouble started when the young woman got her hair colored, and began experiencing itching in her scalp the next day.

By the third day, her head became severely swollen and she was taken to the ER.

"It is crazy how swollen she got," thechosenginger wrote.

Sources: Chemese/Instagram, Seventeen / Photo credit: Daily Mail via Chemese/Instagram, Cosmopolitan

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