Here's Why This Mom Is So Afraid Of Her 16-Year-Old Daughter (Video)


Dr. Phil’s show today, Jan. 30, is promising to be explosive. 

preview of the episode outlines the story of parents Ann and Mike, who are apparently terrorized by their 16-year-old daughter Kristi. 

The teaser features home footage of Kristi getting into screaming matches with her parents about helping out with chores and sharing the family’s iPad. Kristi frequently fights with her mother Ann, who’s at home while Mike works. Ann claims Kristi is frequently abusive.

“I’m afraid of Kristi when she gets violent,” she said. Footage of the family’s home shows Kristi’s makeshift door, which is now a scrap of fabric because she damaged the doorframe kicking the door in, and holes in the walls from Kristi’s stray punches.

Ann said her daughter has assaulted her repeatedly and frequently threatens to kill her. Mike said they once found a butcher knife under Kristi’s bed. Ann sleeps with a baseball bat next to her bed. “I can’t be scared to live in my own house anymore,” she said. Ann has even attempted to bribe Kristi to leave. “I’m tired of sleeping with one eye open. I even offered $100 a month to leave my house,” she said. 

Ann’s uncle is the police chief of the town they reside in, and he said his officers stop at their home more than anywhere else. Still, Ann and Mike refuse to press charges against their daughter. 

However, the uncensored footage on Dr. Phil’s website suggests that Kristi’s problems are not baseless. Mike told Dr. Phil that Ann has also threatened to kill her family members.

Check your local listings to see what will undoubtedly be a dramatic conclusion.

Source: YouTube/Dr. Phil Image via Dr. Phil


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