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Here's Why This Man's Last Moments Were Broadcast On National TV

The BBC’s Crimewatch program broadcasted the last few moments of a British shooting victim’s life on T.V. Feb. 8.

Marvin Couson, 40, was shot outside of a bar in 2002 when he was 26 years old, reports the Daily Mail.

After being shot, Couson was left to spend the rest of his life in pain while struggling with a brain injury that left him in a vegetative state. He was unable to communicate with anybody, the BBC reports.

“Marvin should have celebrated his 40th birthday in November. Instead he spent 13 years in a hospital bed unable to do anything for himself before tragically succumbing to his injuries,” Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh said.

In August 2015, he died. His sister, Margaret, captured the last few moments of his life on her phone, which the BBC then broadcast Feb. 8.

“I feel people need to see that this man, this innocent man - completely innocent - suffered in this way until he took his last breaths because someone took a gun and shot him,” Margaret explained.

During the broadcast, police also announced a $70,000 reward for anybody who finds his killer.

“We have announced a large reward in the hope that it will encourage someone to come forward,” McHugh said. “Marvin's shooting happened many years ago but you would remember if you were there that night and were one of those who fled in panic as shots were fired inside the bar. We need to speak to everyone who was there that night.”

“I remain concerned some people may have a misguided sense of loyalty and are possibly protecting those who carried out this attack,” he added.

The broadcast moved many.

“Fourteen years on and still no answers. Who killed Marvin Couson in Shoreditch in 2002? Two children had their father taken from them,” the charity Crimestoppers tweeted.

Others described the story as “so sad,” and “heartbreaking," while one said it “actually had me in tears.”

Sources: The Daily Mail, BBCCrimestopper's Twitter / Photo Credit: BBC Crimewatch via The Daily Mail

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