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What The Number On Your Milk Container Really Means


The series of numbers next to the sell-by date on dairy products can tell you something important about the food your buying.

The two-part code illustrates how far dairy products traveled before arriving in your grocer’s refrigerator, and subsequently your home.

By going to the website Where Is My Milk From? and entering the code on your milk container, you will know the location of the dairy that processed your milk.

You can also enter the codes located on yogurt, soy or organic milk, coffee creamer, cottage cheese, ice cream and many more dairy products to discover their origin.

The code is normally located on the label, the cap or near the top of the dairy product’s container, according to Independent Journal. Sometimes, it will have the letters “PLT” before it, or the words “plant no.”

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The code will always start with two numbers between 01 and 56, and often includes a dash before the second set of between one and five numbers and/or letters occurs.

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It is possible the product’s container will not include a code, according to Where Is My Milk From?

If that is the case, you’re out of luck on finding out where the product originated.

Sources: Where Is My Milk From?, Independent Journal / Photo credit: Prudence Hill/Independent Journal

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