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Myspace Creator 'Tom' Is Now A Photographer


Many internet users remember the social network Myspace as a precursor to Facebook, and Myspace founder Tom Anderson became a familiar face.

"Tom" was every user's first friend, thereby landing his face on every user's page and developing a level of social media fame. Anderson and co-founder Chris DeWolfe then sold Myspace in 2005 to Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp, reports Gazette Review. Tom disappeared from the public eye for several years.

But a "Where Are They Now" feature by Engadget reveals that Anderson had several post-Myspace ventures. He's been attached to real-estate ventures in Las Vegas, which Business Insider says would prove lucrative thanks to affordable home prices. He was also involved in a Facebook gambling app called "RocketFrog."

Anderson's most recent adventure has pushed him far away from the computer screens and developers meetings with which he'd become familiar. China, Taiwan and Burma are just a few of the places Anderson has been recently, all as he tours the world tinkering with his new hobby as a photographer.

According to ABC News, Anderson has spent the last few years shooting impressive landscape photographs around the world, many of which have been described as "National Geographic quality."

"I was very happy with my results from the beginning," Anderson said. "That's highly unusual for me."

His adventure began at the Burning Man festival in 2011, a dusty landscape that can prove difficult to photograph. But with friend and photographer Trey Ratcliff showing him the ropes, Anderson became a quick study.

Anderson also rejects the stereotype of a goal-oriented and oftentimes closed-minded Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He says photography is a great way to add creativity to a person's life.

"If you knew me before Myspace, you'd probably thought I'd have been a scholar teaching philosophy in a university my whole life," Anderson told ABC.  "If you met me before college, you'd probably have thought I'd be a musician for my entire life."

"I like change."

With the windfall from Myspace's sale to Murdoch, Anderson has plenty of time and resources to travel the world and explore. He has captured photographs from around the world and across the U.S. He says he feels little desire to return to the corporate world and is content to wander through life.

"I'll never say never, because more than anything I like the idea that anything can happen. I don't know exactly where my life will lead. Adventure and the unknown has always been appealing to me."

Sources: Gazette ReviewEngadget, Business Insider, ABC News / Photo credit: Joe Lodge/Flickr

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