Michael Jackson Could Have Looked Like This


A computer generated image of what the late pop icon Michael Jackson would have looked like without plastic surgery went viral.

Jackson, widely known as the King of Pop, had a number of surgical procedures during his life. He started with a nose job, but ultimately ended up undergoing more than 100 surgeries.

Many of those procedures were done to repair botched jobs done during other surgeries. Though it was never confirmed, it was believed Jackson even had his skin bleached, which is what turned his skin from brown to pale white. 

Jackson spent three decades striving for a certain image, but ended up being an example of how plastic surgery can be a dangerous slippery slope. A documentary called "The 10 Faces of Michael Jackson" revealed the legendary singer was nervous when he considered his first nose job.

Once that procedure was completed, however, he went on to have Botox, fillers, cheek implants, lip augmentation and the reported skin bleaching procedure.

Jackson's siter LaToya said in the documentary: "He wanted to get his nose done ... he kept saying: 'What do you think? What do you think?' I said: 'Michael, if that’s what you want, if it’s gonna make you feel better, get it done,'" the Daily Mail reports.

“He asked me: ‘Can you be the guinea pig for me? Can you get your nose done and let me see how it looks, and if it hurts?’”

The most revealing part of the documentary was the image of what Jackson might have looked like had he not gone ahead with plastic surgery procedures.

The computer-generated image showed Jackson with his original skin color, nose and mouth intact, looking content and like an older version of the Michael Jackson people knew when he was a child with the Jackson Five.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Unilad / Photo credit: Le Monde en Video/YouTube, The 10 Faces of Michael Jackson via Unilad 

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