Longtime Vegetarian Reacts To Eating Meat (Video)


Stephanie Potakis, a longtime vegetarian, ate meat for the first time in 22 years and made a video (below) of the event. Her reaction to her first taste of meat in more than two decades has gone viral online.

Potakis, 32, who works as a casting director for A.V Club and The Onion, said she made the decision to stop eating meat in the fourth grade, seeking to help protect the environment and "save the world." Potakis said she began to question her vegetarian diet after she smelled the aroma of ribs at a festival, according to the Daily Mail.

She went to Swift & Sons, an upscale Chicago steakhouse, and tried samples of a variety of meat dishes in a video for the A.V. Club.

Potakis said she had decided in elementary school to go vegetarian, out of an interest in protecting the environment. Her family, which eats meat, was confused by her choice. After attending a ribs festival in the summer, Potakis found herself questioning her meat-free diet after smelling all of the meat.

"It was my tipping point," she said.

A.V. Club's Supper Club took Potakis to the steakhouse, where chef Chris Pandel prepared a variety of meats for her to try.

For her meal, she ate chicken, bone marrow and a wagyu beef rib-eye steak. Wagyu is a breed of beef cattle that comes from Japan whose meat is renowned for its tenderness and flavor. After the first bite of chicken, Potakis said she now understood what it meant for food to be "juicy."

"I get what juicy means now," said the 32-year-old former vegetarian. "The flavors are just oozing out in everyone. It doesn't happen with vegetables, ever."

Potakis said bone marrow was her "new favorite meal," after trying the dish, and said the wagyu beef was "stupid good."

"I guess I'm eating bone marrow for the rest of my life," Potakis said. "This is my new favorite meal, right here."

Potakis said she would continue eating meat after her experience at the steakhouse. "This is a whole different level of food that I was not aware existed out there and I'm so excited to be a part of it now."

"I'm gonna eat meat until the day I die -- which might be later tonight, I don't know," she said as she hugged the chef on her way out.

Sources: Daily Mail, A.V. Club / Photo credit: A.V. Club via Daily Mail

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