Pit Bull And Kitten Become Fast Friends


A rescued pit bull and a cat became fast friends after the dog's owner got him a cat to play with.

Rebecca Pizello started an Instagram account for the friends, Bubba and Rue, after she got 6-year-old Bubba from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. When she brought Bubba home, the dog immediately bonded with her roommate's cat. Six years later, Pizello brought Bubba a cat of his own.

Pizello told the Daily Mail: 

I always knew he'd love having one of his own but I wanted to wait until we moved to NYC this year. 

Bubba has had an endless affection for cats. Literally obsessed. I always knew he’d love having one of his own but I wanted to wait until we moved to NYC this year. After weeks of applying for any baby kitten available for adoption, I finally received a call from a rescue in Brooklyn.

Rue stood out like no other and I took her home as fast as I could. She was the only orange baby. The fact that Bubba and Rue have identical coloring still blows my mind. I am the luckiest!

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When she brought Rue home to Bubba, Pizello said the cat fell asleep on him instantly.

"She's so tiny still so it's like having a baby right now. You can't take your eyes off of her. So it's helpful that Bubba's around. [If] I walk away somewhere he always follows me and now I will say 'go watch your sister' and he turns around and goes and watches where she is," she said, adding that she was shocked by how quickly the two got along.

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"They're so painfully cute. Rue is only 8 weeks so she naturally still misses her mom. She follows Bubba around everywhere and is just starting to play," Pizello said. "She's just learning to run, it's too cute she hops like a bunny and is clumsy. She's soo affectionate. She gives so many kisses it's amazing."

Bubba, Pizello explained, has even developed cat-like qualities and often gives Rue baths with his tongue.

“If they aren’t intertwined in each other napping, they are being goofy rolling around on the floor or couch,” Pizello added. "Rue is just starting to love food… she is too funny, I will find her trying to drink out of Bubba's ginormous water bowl. She follows him around like a little duckling, trying to replica everything he does."

Pizello said that she hopes her Instagram account, which has over 9,400 followers as of April 25, shows that pit bulls are not a dangerous breed despite misconceptions.

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“Pit Bulls have such a bad rep and it is all for the wrong reasons. The breed is SO loyal to their owners that they obey what they are taught or trained to do. In many horrible cases, there are owners out there that will train their Pit Bull to fight or be aggressive,” she said.

“The dog thinks that they are doing the right thing, purely because they are programmed to do so. Bubba is the perfect example of a sweet, gentle & loving pup. Bubba has been the most mellow guy since the day I got him. He's actually pretty amazing.”

Sources: Daily Mail, bubbalovesrue/Instagram / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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