What Happens When You Keep A Teabag In A Car (Video)


An amazing tip is about to solve the never-ending problem of car odor (video below).

According to Q Political, in a video posted to YouTube that's gone viral, the One Pot Chef reveals that tea bags are the answer to ridding your car of bad smells rather than store-bought air fresheners. Tea bags absorb moisture from the air, which is generally the cause of unpleasant odors.

"Tea bags are the best type of car deodorizer money can buy," the video host explains. He goes on to recommend flavored tea like cinnamon or vanilla to not only remove bad odor, but enhance the smell of the car.

All you need to do for this useful trick is place a few tea bags under the seats of your vehicle and wait six hours. After that, you've got yourself a cheap and effective way to make your car smell great.

"Thank you for the handy tips," one YouTube viewer commented. "My brother recently vomited all in my car and I've tried everything and the smell hasn't seem to disappear, I will be trying this thank you!" 

"Great idea, especially when you have dogs and kids that love the beach/woods and bring their smelly paws back in the car and kids that love to drop the odd bit of food," another enthusiastically wrote.

An air freshener isn't the only alternative use for tea bags. Other great uses for tea bags, according to Natural Living Ideas, include using them to clean carpets and rugs — which is accomplished by storing used bags in a cup of water, removing them and letting them dry until damp, sprinkling the tea leaves on your rug or carpet, and then vacuuming or sweeping them away. This effectively cleans and deodorizes your rug in minutes.

Another great thing to do with used tea bags is to use them as a way to sooth irritated skin. They can be massaged over sunburns as a way to reduce inflammation or cool burning skin, as well as placed against bruises to ease discomfort.

Sources: Q Political, Natural Living Ideas, One Pot Chef via YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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