Here's What Chlorine Did To Ryan Lochte's Hair (Photos)


Olympian Ryan Lochte’s hair color changed yet again, but the most recent change was reportedly an accident.

After winning gold in the Men’s 4x200 freestyle relay Aug. 9 at the Rio Olympics, Lochte appeared on the podium with a bright, mint green hair color -- a drastic change from the light blue/silver he had previously.

According to Cosmopolitan and Daily Mail, it’s believed that the green hair is a result of the chlorine from the pool where Lochte has been spending his time swimming, and this likely caused the bleached hair to turn his light blue/silver dye job to green. 

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Fans on social media were quick to send teasing tweets to Lochte for not realizing what could happen if he mixed his hair dye with pool chlorine.

As a blond I feel @RyanLochte’s green hair struggle. Gotta treat that stuff before the chlorine bud, you’re gonna be green for awhile.

Honestly ryan lotto’s green hair was probably planned he probably knew his hair was gonna turn green so he could be a mermaid.

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Daily Mail readers also poked fun at Lochte’s green hair.

“Ryan's hair looks moldy! Looks good on him. Just kidding, congrats on the gold,” one reader commented.

One person claimed that the green hair was the result of too many chemicals in the pool.

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“Somebody is not checking the chemical levels on the pool, and they need to clean the filters. Pools are not difficult to look after, if you do your checks and add chemicals as needed, even with the "large" number of people using the pools,” the reader wrote. 

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Sources: Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan / Photo credit: Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan

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