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Rundown House In Upscale Los Angeles Neighborhood Selling For $475K

A three-bedroom house in the Northridge neighborhood of Los Angeles has been listed by a real estate agent at $475,000 despite its appearance being less than appealing.

The property, built in 1956, is shown in pictures with exposed pipes and a broken-down kitchen with a dated oven, Daily Mail reported.

In another picture, a stained toilet is shown in a dirty-looking bathroom.

The 1,276-square-foot home is only being sold to cash buyers. Despite its poor condition, the seller’s ad claims the location makes the purchase worthwhile.

It describes the house as a “contractor’s special” or “flipper’s fantasy,” indicating it may be the right choice for a real estate investor to overhaul.

“This is truly the worst home in the best neighborhood,” the posting, on property site Coldwell Banker, bluntly says, according to the Daily Mail.

“This home needs a complete rehab. The pictures say everything except for the fact that this home is located at the back of a cul de sac in a wonderful well maintained neighborhood,” it adds.

Northridge is home to many working in the movie industry, as well as several professional sports players. It has an average household income of $77,366, and the median house price is $345,500.

The high price tag on the property is linked to a housing boom in California.

In Southern California, house prices were up 6.7 percent in December from a year earlier, and sales from December 2014 to December 2015 rose by 9.8 percent, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Analysts told the Los Angeles Times that the sharp increase in prices was creating difficulties for families to find affordable homes.

The Northridge property has been viewed more than 2,000 times online at, but it remains unclear if a willing buyer has been found.

Sources: Daily Mail, Los Angeles Times / Photo credit:

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