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Here's The Viral Video That Landed A Group Of Walmart Employees In Hot Water (Video)

Walmart is conducting an internal investigation after a video of a brawl at a Texas Walmart that shows two employees fighting with an alleged shoplifter goes viral.

The video (shown below) has two employees in trouble after one posted video of the brawl to social media, ABC 13 reported.

The incident began when a woman allegedly attempted to steal items in the self-checkout at an Arlington, Texas, Walmart. 

An employee, Mike Barnes, spotted her and began to film as she tried to leave with the stolen goods.

In the video recording, Barnes and another employee confront the woman and ask her to show her receipt, which she cannot produce.

As another employee tries to take the stolen items back from the woman, Barnes tells her to "Have fun, have a good day," prompting her to swing at him.

As the video continues, the alleged shoplifter starts fighting with another woman in the parking lot. Barnes makes no attempt to stop the fight, but other Walmart employees follow the woman outside and try to break it up.

Barnes then takes the joke too far, perhaps, as he turns the camera on himself.

"Yup, and I let it happen, on the Walmart clock," he says to the camera.

Now Walmart released a statement saying that they will be conducting an investigation of the incident.

"This type of behavior by a Walmart associate is completely unacceptable," said Brian Nick, Director of Walmart's National Media Relations. "We are conducting an internal investigation into this matter at this time and will take action as appropriate."

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Photo Credit: Inquisitr


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