Here's The 'Tip' A Waitress Received After A Hard Day's Work (Photos)


A single mother in Virginia got a surprise early Christmas present from total strangers on Thursday, Dec. 18. 

Megan Asadi was working at The Virginia Kitchen in Herndon, Virginia, as a server earlier this week when she received a $1,200 tip from generous customers on their $128 tab. Her customers, Good Samaritans who run a website called, left the astounding 946% tip entirely in cash.

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Every year, the anonymous diners leave a massive tip for one unassuming waiter or waitress, and subsequently write and post videos about it on their website. This year’s lucky recipient said she almost didn’t work on that particular day but she’s certainly glad she did. 

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Asadi told FOX 5 D.C. that she will be spending the money on her two teenage daughters.

"I'm going to surprise them," she said. 

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The “tip bombers” reportedly take up a collection amongst themselves every year, then organize a lunch where they leave the money they collected for their particular server. Last year, these diners left upwards of $1,400 tip for a surprised waiter. The donors said their main goal is to inspire others to repeat their charitable gesture.

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