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Here's The Text Message One Man Got From A Police Officer (Photo)

The morning after a night of heavy drinking can feel a bit rough, so it’s nice when a friend sends you a text message to check in and brings you some hangover food. It’s even more awesome when a police officer texts you to make sure you’re okay.

An Irish man named Marty, who lives in the U.K., was driven home by the cops after becoming intoxicated. Luckily, he wasn’t arrested. Instead, Marty received this message on his phone:

Marty’s friend posted the hilarious text message on reddit, where users commented about the times they were wasted and their friendly experience with cops.

“Ah UK Police, they did the same for me once when my drink got spiked. They even let me wear one of their hats,” one user wrote.

“Good to see cops with common decency and a sense of humor. It goes underreported,” another commented.

Waking up the next morning without any recollection of what happened the night before can be pretty frightening, so Marty should be grateful the “nice ploice man” got him home safely.

Sources: Elite Dailyreddit

Photo Credit: Simon Cocks/Flickr


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