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Homeless Man Sends Creepy Text Messages After Setting Fire To Man's Home

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A homeless San Antonio, Texas, man was accused of setting fire to another man’s home after he was invited to stay the night, according to My San Antonio.

The owner of a home in San Antonio allowed Gerald Kujawa to spend the night. The home owner noted that he’d met Kujawa downtown and brought him to the area to help with his living situation. The man let Kujawa remain in the home after 5 a.m. when he left for work the next day, said the Sun Times. When the fire started around noon, Kujawa had already left the scene.

Days later, the home owner received texts from Kujawa admitting to starting the fire.

“I set your house on fire, and I enjoyed and loved setting your house on fire,” Kujawa said. “I hope you die, I burned your house down and I enjoyed doing it.”

Kujawa wrote that the home owner deserved to die and he was lucky he hadn’t been killed in his sleep. While Kujawa was on the phone next to a witness, he reportedly said he had set a dead animal on fire.

According to a witness, Kujawa said that he used a cigarette to start a fire on the home owner’s bed. According to the arrest warrant, Kujawa said he would have set the entire house on fire if he’d had gasoline.

Kujawa now faces charges of arson of a habitat with bail set at $50,000.

Sources: My San Antonio, The Sun Times / Photo Credit: The Sun Times

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