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Here's The Text Message That Completely Changed Two People's Lives (Photos)

A Missouri woman accidentally sent a text message to a stranger. Three years later, she married him.

Kasey Bergh, who was 53 at the time, had finally come to terms with her divorce after six years and accepted that she might be single for the rest of her life.

And then something serendipitous happened.

On a business trip in Denver, Bergh sent a text message to somebody she thought was a work acquaintence, asking to meet up.

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“Hey, it’s Kasey," she wrote. "I was supposed to connect w Maria @ the park but her plane was delayed so I’m at the Westin. Wanted to see if I could connect w anyone else.”

She had the wrong number and accidentally sent the message to 23-year-old Henry Glendening, who was trying to improve his life after being stuck in an unhappy relationship and a dead end job.

Oh a whim, Glendening responded.

“Sorry youve got the wrong number," he replied. "But if i wasnt headed to work i’d b down to hang ;)."

Bergh apologized and the two started talking. The two immediately connected on a spiritual level.

“I was so frustrated because I couldn’t connect with anyone, and then the only person on the planet I connect with was the wrong number,” Bergh said in an interview.

A week later, two met in person and fell in love.

When asked about the age difference between then, Glendening said it "really didn't make any difference."

“We were so connected at that point through deeper stuff," he explained.

"If there was something random that popped in my head, but I didn't say anything to her about, she would often comment on the same topic I was thinking of," he told Cosmopolitan. "Or I'd be in the midst of sending her a text and would receive one from her while I'm typing."

Two years after the text, Glendening proposed. They married in front of the Mississippi River flood wall.

"We are perfect matches for each other and we each gets to be exactly who we are in our relationship," Bergh said. "It's so freeing! And we have so much fun together. Everything is an adventure." 

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Photo Credit: Facebook


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