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Suspected Burglar Targets Jiujitsu Fighter's House (Video)

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An alleged burglar in Florida was beaten into submission when he tried to take items from a home belonging to a man trained in jiujitsu (video below). 

Josue Ortiz entered the garage of Brian Burch in Fort Myers, Florida, and took power tools from Burch’s home, WPIX reports. Burch heard a noise and went to the garage to find Ortiz loading the tools into his vehicle. 

"He was standing right here carrying my jackhammer case and my air gun case," Burch told WBBH. "He told me that the boss sent him over here to pick up tools to finish a job."

But when Burch questioned Ortiz, he tried to run.  Burch then chased Ortiz down and used his skills in Brazilian martial art jiujitsu. 

"Once we got to the ground, he started pushing and fighting me, and I hit him one time," he said.

A neighbor saw the scuffle and called police. Burch held Ortiz down until they arrived.

"They told him he got exactly what he deserved. He had a broken nose."

Burch is a father, and knows the situation could have been much worse  “If the kids had been here, I probably would have been even angrier.”

Ortiz was arrested on charges of burglary and grand theft, and booked into Lee County jail. Deputies also said that Ortiz’s car had a fake tag on it.  

"I'm just glad he's not on the street anymore and can't hit anybody else's houses," Burch said.

Sources: WPIX, WBBH, YouTube / Photo credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office via WPIX

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