Here's The Note This Woman Found In Her Mailbox (Photo)


A woman in Prairie Village, Kansas, says she’s outraged over an anonymous letter she received from someone in her neighborhood telling her that her family needed to move an RV that the writer claims is parked in her driveway and is making the neighborhood less attractive.

Amy Szablewski says she received the letter in her mailbox earlier this week signed by “Your Prairie Village Neighbors.” In the letter, the neighbor says that the RV is ruining the appeal of the neighborhood and suggests some other locations that the RV could be moved to.

“We all hope you are making plans to have your RV moved. Obviously as a neighbor, we are interested in having a nice, attractive street, and your RV parked in the driveway makes that impossible,” the letter reads, according to KSHB. “Some lesser neighborhoods, an RV fits right in: Independence, Garner, Troost Area, Western Shawnee, etc. However, in beautiful PV KS it does not fit, and we would all appreciate your having it moved.”

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Szablewski says that there is no RV parked in their driveway and there never has been, so she’s unsure why she got the letter. The woman acknowledges that a neighbor down the street with a similar address does in fact have an RV parked in their driveway, but even if the letter was supposed to be for them, she still finds it to be inappropriate.

"First off, I'm kind of offended about how snooty they're saying about the other, the ‘lesser neighborhoods,’” Szablewski told KSHB. “Honestly, to me the Troost area is very historic. Those homes are very pretty.”

After receiving the letter, which was obviously not meant to be put in her mailbox, in the first place, Szablewski sent a copy of it to the Prairie Village Post. Many residents in the neighborhood have denied authorship, but they have acknowledged that passive-aggressive notes like the one Szablewski received are not rare in the area.

KSHB reports that the owner of the RV has yet to comment on the letter.

Sources:KSHBPrairie Village Post / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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