Here's The Message This Teen Got From His Mom After Returning $2300 To A Vet Who Lost It (Photos)


In an act of great self discipline, California teen Tommy O’Connor returned a lost wallet filled with cash to its original owner, a veteran.

The wallet contained $2,300 when O’Connor, a high school senior, found it near a 7-Eleven in Fremont, California.

Instead of pocketing the money, O’Connor handed over the wallet to a teacher’s assistant so it could be given back to its original owner.

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“It’s just doing something I wish everyone else would do,” O’Connor said.

The act is incredible considering O’Connor’s family lives on a fixed income and O’Connor hadn’t had lunch money the day before.

When O’Connor’s mom heard what he had done, she sent him a heartfelt text.

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“I’m very proud of you son,” Mrs. O’Connor wrote. “Ms. Kalra called me. Wow your one in a million [sic]. Love you to the moon and back.”

O’Connor replied that she should be thanking herself, since she raised him.

O’Connor received a $50 reward for returning the wallet. 

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Photo Credit: Fox News 


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