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Here's The ID This 21-Year-Old Got (Video)

Using your new identification card when you turn 21 to get into a bar or club during a night out with friends can be awesome. But you won’t be able to experience any fun adult activities if the photo on your ID looks nothing like you.

That’s what happened to Kamari Smith when he got his new, official Minnesota-issued ID card in the mail Tuesday, according to KMSP-TV.

Smith, who recently celebrated his 21st birthday, is black and needs his new photo ID that denotes he is over 21. So, you can imagine his surprise when he saw that the man photographed on his new ID is a white senior citizen.

“When I looked, I looked at the name again, and again. Just started cracking up, what the hell? Too much,” his mother Toya Smith said.

"This is something they should have looked at and seen. There's no way that should have been put in the mail and sent,” she added.

A spokesman for Minnesota’s division of driver and vehicle services told Fox 9 of the 1.6 million state-issued photo identifications printed every year, there are 10 errors a month on average. But most of those are considered typos or spelling mistakes, not the wrong picture.

Smith filled out a $20 application for the ID last month at Hennepin County Service Center and got his picture taken. Obviously, the wrong photo and signature ended up on his ID.

DMV officials asked Smith to return to the license service center to fill out another application and take another photo, but assured him this one would be free, WRTV reports.

It turns out, this isn’t his first ID mix-up. Smith recently signed up for a cell phone contract and the store clerk told him that his Social Security number shows him as deceased, which obviously isn’t true.



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