Here's How This Woman Quit Her Job At The Supermarket, Now Makes Over $200 Per Hour

Here's How This Woman Quit Her Job At The Supermarket, Now Makes Over $200 Per Hour Promo Image

Sex sells – we all know that. But it also pays. A lot.

23-year-old Australia resident Amy Stockham makes $82,000 annually by getting behind her webcam and chatting with men online for just a few hours a day. The best part? Only a small portion of what she does for her clients is sexual.

“I do show a bit of bum and boobs,” she told The Sun, “but 90% of it is just talking.”

It turns out that Stockham’s clients are willing to pay $7 a minute to hang out with an attractive woman for a bit. Stockham says she gets all kinds of bizarre requests.

“I’ve seen it all,” she says. “I get a lot of guys coming in wanting me to humiliate them and take the mick out of their size … Some guys like me to tell them to sellotape their bits to their bellies, then there’s the leg shaves — they just like to watch me shave my legs.”

One of her customer’s routinely asks her to watch him iron clothes.

“I have one guy, a midget, who comes on, and likes me to watch him iron, and then he does a little dance,” she says. “I’ve had guys in a private message for three of four hours before just getting drunk, and another guy who was just watching Come Dine with Me — I love those ones. It’s just acting. It’s not stuff I’m into, I just tell them what they want to hear. I enjoy my work and I’m open about it.”

Prior to finding her current line of work, Stockham lived paycheck-to-paycheck and worked at a supermarket. Her new career has completely turned her financial life around.

“We’ve been able to save up $34,500 to buy a house next year,” she says. “We’ve got a nice private rent on a three-bed house, we’ve bought cars and I’ve had my boobs done.”

Stockham’s family and partner are so supportive of her work that they even joined in and held a few sessions of their own with clients.

“My family knows what I do,” Stockham says. “They’re fine with it.”

Need another reason to quit your day job? Stockham’s says her clients buy her $1,200 worth of goods per month on Amazon. Just because.

Sources: The SunNews.au / Photo Credit: News.au


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