Here's How This Officer Treated A Dying Man When He Thought Nobody Was Paying Attention


William Bright, a Mississippi police officer who discovered a car crash Sept. 21, has won praise from colleagues and his family for his determination to remain by the side of a dying man.

Anthony Boon was killed when his SUV struck another vehicle, careened off the road and burst in to flames.

But Bright did not believe Boon should be left to die alone, and so he took the man’s hand during his last moments of life.

“I hated to get out and leave that man. I did everything I could to save that man. I’m really feeling it,” Bright told WAPT.

Bright said the crash was one of the worst he’d seen in his 16 years of service.

“I noticed a truck down in the woods facing eastward with his lights on,” Bright added. “I got up in the vehicle with him. I grabbed his arm again. I took another deep look at how he was pinned in there, then the vehicle started on fire.”

“AMR was on the scene and we got their fire extinguisher already. I used that one. They were up there stopping traffic,” Bright continued. “There were 18-wheelers which had stopped. They gave them their fire extinguishers.”

However, officers could not extinguish the blaze.

“I took him by the hand and I told him I was going to be there with him. I stayed until he started burning,” Bright said.

“I think the good Lord knows that I tried everything that I was humanly able to do,” Bright added, according to MadWorldNews.

Bright has reached out to Boon’s family and offered to speak with any of them about his sudden death.

“I had never met that man before. I didn’t even know him, but he was a human being. So it was my job to do what I did,” he said.

Bright’s wife, Sheekas Brown, was proud of his actions.

“…I just praise God for his [Sergeant Bright’s] profession and all the other men and women out there who are in law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day,” Brown said.

“When you put this badge on, there’s a lot more to being a police officer. First off, you have to love people. I don’t have a problem with that,” said Bright, WAPT reported.

Sources: MadWorldNewsWAPT/ photo credit: MadWorldNews


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