Here's How To Get Free Tickets From Ticketmaster


People who bought tickets through Ticketmaster between 1999 and 2013 might have free tickets waiting for them because of a major lawsuit that customers won.

The Schlesinger at al v. Ticketmaster case began in 2003 when Curt Schlesinger, a Ticketmaster customer, said the ticket giant violated California's false advertising and unfair competition law by charging "order processing fees that overstated the cost of processing orders," reported Law360. The case has since gained many more plaintiffs and eventually snowballed into a $400 million behemoth of a class action lawsuit that Ticketmaster lost. Now the company has to pay up.

The winners in this case are the millions of people who bought tickets through Ticketmaster between Oct. 21, 1999, and Feb. 27, 2013, according to AL.com. To find out if you're eligible, just go to Ticketmaster and log into your account, click on "active vouchers," and see if you have codes to redeem free tickets.

Customers should get one free voucher per each purchase they made within the time period, up to 17 discount codes. Each voucher is worth $2.25, which is equal to part of a Ticketmaster processing fee.

If you received your tickets via UPS, you can receive a $5 discount code per purchase.

The vouchers can reportedly only be used on select events, and Ticketmaster has yet to release information on what those events might be or when the list will be released. It's estimated that the vouchers will be good for about 60 percent of events.

Customers will have until June 18, 2020, to use their discount codes.

Sources: AL.com, Law360 / Photo Credit: nerdy girl/Flickr

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