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The Benefit Of Going Braless

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Ladies, there are incredible benefits to ditching your bra.

Bras have become a norm for most women, with many believing it’s more beneficial to wear one, Little Things reported. However, this is reportedly not the case, and bras have the opposite effect. 

The support bras allegedly provide has been proven to weaken the chest muscles and make breasts droop. Not wearing a bra actually strengthens the muscles and prevents them from weakening. 

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This isn’t the only benefit to going braless, though. Another perk is that it helps circulation.

Bras are essentially a “giant rubber band squeezing around your chest,” meaning they can slow down circulation by compressing major blood vessels. 

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Not wearing a bra helps blood flow more freely, which provides many benefits including a boost in energy.

Another benefit to ditching the bra is that you’ll sleep much sounder. It was once common to wear your bra at night, but this often lead to discomfort and difficulty sleeping. It’s better to go braless if you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep.

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Going bra-free also helps to maintain skin health in the chest area.

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Comfort is another perk, and you might even gain a cup size by ditching the bra. Letting your breasts sit naturally “forces the pectoral muscles to work and resist gravity.” Going braless also enhances your shape.

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Not to mention, you’ll start saving money by not having to buy bras.

Shared posted the Little Things story to its more than 7 million followers on Facebook, and readers showed mixed reaction to the idea of going bra-free.

“I haven't wore one since high school when we made to wear them," one user wrote. "I am in my 60s now and my breast are as firm as they were when I was 18. And I don't have those deep indentations in my shoulders like some of my friends. Bras are purely torturous."

Some, however, weren’t so sure.

“Yeah, I call BS," another reader commented. "Maybe this is true for women who don't have as much on top. I however, have to wear one all the time. If I don't they hurt so bad I can't stand it."

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