Here Is The Woman Who Is Outraged Over What A Cashier Said About Her Tattoos (Photo)

A mother of two left a Marks and Spencer store in tears after a cashier reportedly told her the tattoos she has on her arms, chest and neck are “disgusting” and that she is “mutilating herself.”

Natasha Henson, 35, says she told a cashier that a fellow customer had “tutted” at her and made nasty comments about her tattoos. Instead of gaining a sympathetic ear, Henson says the worker told her that she wasn’t at all surprised and that she found her tattoos “disgusting,” reports Daily Mail. She then reportedly asked the woman why she would “mutilate” and “disfigure” herself.

Henson, whose husband is a tattoo artist, says she left the shop crying and feeling humiliated.

“I feel this is a disgusting way to treat another human being and even worse with it being from someone who is supposed to be using good customer service skills,” Henson said. “My son is autistic, which is extremely hard work and it is hard enough job as it is without hearing this after a stressful day with him.”

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(via Daily Mail)

Henson says the store handled the matter by reportedly threatening to take disciplinary action against the clerk, who has since reportedly resigned.

A spokeswoman for Marks and Spencer reportedly said, “Customer service is extremely important to us. If our high standards are not met, we will do everything we can to resolve it for the customer.”

Henson says the woman’s comment will not keep her from getting more tattoos in the future.

Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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