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Here Is What Someone Wrote On A Woman's Garage Door (Photo)

Vandals tagged the garage door of an Alabama woman’s home with a slur after throwing rocks through three of her windows while she was inside with her granddaughter.

Now, police are investigating the incident.

Reports, say that Terry Turner was ringing in the New Year on Wednesday when she suddenly heard a crash at the front of her house. Turner says she was in the back room when rocks smashed through three of her front windows, and out of fear that people were breaking into her home, she grabbed her granddaughter and climbed out the back window to the yard.

When police arrived at the scene, they found a racial slur written with black spray paint across the garage door of Turner’s home. Turner, who has lived in the home for eight years, says she’s experienced people driving by and yelling racial slurs at her while standing outside, but she was shocked that the hatred reached this level.

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Still, despite the violent attack on New Year’s Eve, Turner says she does not hate the people who did this to her home.

“I don’t hate whoever did this. I just don’t understand it,” Turner told WHNT. “Racism is something that’s taught. When you get two babies in a room, a black baby and a white baby in a room, they don’t know nothing about that until they’re taught.”

Police say that they have yet to make any arrests and are actively investigating the incident. / Photo Sources: WHNT, Wikimedia Commons


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