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Man Takes Some Creative Liberties When His Wife Asks For Jewelry For Christmas (Photos)

Picking out the perfect Christmas present for a loved one can be a tedious task. Much as is the case with birthday gifts, you need an item that conveys how much the person means to you while simultaneously getting them something they actually want. It can be a tricky balancing act.

One way to make it a little easier is to simply ask your loved one what they want for Christmas. That’s what one man did earlier this year. His wife, for her part, didn’t try to play it coy and pretend like she didn’t care. She told him, point blank, that she wouldn’t mind jewelry.

The husband mulled that over and ultimately got her this:

Image placeholder title

Jewelry – just like she wanted. Or is it? Take a look at what happens you try to lift that little ring out of the box:

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Brave. Very brave.

Hopefully someone will get this man the one Christmas present he truly needs: A comfortable couch. 

Source/Photo Credit: Surfkaboom/Imgur, Tiffanys


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