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Here Is What A Man Getting Eaten Alive By A Snake Looks Like (Video)

This weekend, Discovery host Paul Rosolie finally did what he had been promising to do for the past month: He allowed himself to be swallowed by a giant snake.

Sort of.

As noted by The Independent, Rosolie and the Discovery channel billed this event as an inside look into what happens when a human being gets swallowed whole by an 18-foot anaconda and lives to tell about it. It sounded farfetched and people were understandably dubious about it, but last week, all involved with the project said it had gone off without a hitch. Naturally, that piqued people’s interest.

Well, yesterday, Discovery finally aired its big special. Here is the relevant portion:

Rosolie ultimately allowed the snake to consume him – starting with his head. However, before it could proceed very far, he called in his rescue team. Apparently getting eaten alive by a snake was a more traumatic experience than what he was expecting.

"My arm's torquing, this thing is gonna break," he told his team. "I'm calling it! I need help!"

And that was it.

Both Rosolie and Discovery maintain that the snake was not harmed by their little experiment. Decide for yourselves whether it was worth the hype or the time. 

Sources: Independent, Daily Mail/ Photo Credit: Daily Mail, Wikimedia Commons


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