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Here Is What This Guy’s Father Found In His Elk Sausage (Photo)

Everyone who eats meat knows that someone had to kill the animal first. That said, unless you are actively involved in the hunting and gathering process on a day-to-day basis, you generally don’t give the process behind how an animal gets to your plate much thought.

Unless, of course, you encounter something like what this man encountered.

Yesterday, a Redditor posted a picture of what his dad found in his elk sausage:

Image placeholder title

That’s right – he found a bullet in his elk sausage.

People seem to be of two minds about this.

Some are suggesting that there is no way a bullet could go through a meat grinder. They are dubious about the authenticity of the picture. Others, however, say that if the meat went through a stuffer, it’s very possible that the bullet would survive.

Either way, it’s a great picture and makes for a fun debate.

Source: Reddit / Photo Credit: Reddit, Flickr


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