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Here’s What Kissing Looks Like From Inside Someone Else’s Mouth

A GIF of a video of two people making out that was shot from inside someone’s mouth may make you stop from kissing again.

The video was originally posted onto imgur and Reddit by a user who goes by MrRobotoGotAGato, and shows one mouth locking lips with another, but from a different point of view.

A number of commenters on Nerve were grossed out by the GIF, with some saying “could have found someone with cleaner teeth” or “that’s scarring.” But some found it “hot.”

Femail asked sex expert Tracey Cox why people are so repulsed by the sight of an act that millions do every day, mainly when watching from a different angle like inside someone’s mouth.

Cox says it could have to do with kissing intimacy, but also because mouths are basically dirty.

“There's a reason why lots of sex workers won't kiss - it seems more intimate than sex for many reasons not least of which because mouths harbour a lot of bacteria!” she said. “The inside of our mouths and our tongues aren't the prettiest sight and one reason why we think ‘Ewww!’ when the couple next to you on the tube start making out and you get a front row seat of the tongue action.”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, watch the GIF of the smooch below:

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