Here's Hoping J.D. Salinger Had 1 Great Novel Tucked Away

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Wouldn't it be amazing if they went up to Salinger's attic and found just one more incredible novel, hidden away, not to be published until his death? Think about how stunning that would be. Unfortunately, Salinger may go down at the greatest one-hit wonder in writing history. He published an epic work, a literary masterpiece, then faded into oblivion.

His other work, incredibly thin and not nearly as good, is easily forgotten.

But he had that one great work. The Catcher in the Rye. How can a book speak to multiple generations like that? How is that even possible? But it did. I read it for the first time as a teenager and the experience was chilling. Here was a kid at a New England prep school -- I never experienced that life -- living in a time long ago where the Internet was distant science fiction. But it was like Holden was real. His emotions, his pain all too genuine.

Authors like Salinger come along once in a lifetime. Now maybe, just maybe, there is work hidden in his home that comes close to the greatness of Catcher in the Rye.

We can only hope.


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