Man Left His Car Lights On, Here's The Note He Found On His Windshield (Photo)

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One of the strangest emotions you encounter in everyday life is that feeling of dread you experience when you see a piece of paper on your windshield. Instinctually, most people assume the worst: Either a cop gave you a ticket or someone scratched the vehicle and left you a note.

Fortunately for one college student, those aren’t the only two options.

A Redditor recently shared a note that his friend found on his windshield, and how it reminded both of them that are there are a lot of great people in the world.

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"This actually saved my friend a tonne of trouble," the Redditor wrote. "He parked at the university and was in class all day."

Just goes to show you: There is still a lot of common decency out there, it just doesn’t get the same coverage as the negative stuff.

Source: Reddit / Photo Credit: Wikimedia, Huffington Post


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