'This Actually Isn't All That Funny': Reddit Users React To Woman's Letter To Her Daughter (Photo)


Getting your little ones to behave is never easy, but sometimes it seems particularly difficult around Christmas time. Whether it is because kids get antsy in anticipation of what’s to come or due to Winter Vacation starting at school, they always seem to act up just a little bit more than unusual this time of the year.

One mom decided to deal with this problem by taking advantage of one of the things many small children look forward to in December: gifts from Santa.

A Reddit user recently posted this now-viral letter that a mom sent gave her daughter:

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Interestingly enough, some people took issue with this letter. Here are some of their reactions:

“This actually isn't all that funny.

“As a parenting coach, I taught parents how to discipline and be firm and tough without compromising healthy relationships with their children, but if the idea of connecting with your child to get to the bottom of troubling behavior scares you so much that you think the threat of a fake, unseen authoritative being is going to receive more respect than you, there's something wrong. If this being is receiving more respect than you are, something is downright broken.”

Another wrote:

“Teaching people to behave through fear... awesome.”

Decide for yourselves whether this mom's tactic for getting her daughter to behave is a good one.

Source/Photo Credit: Reddit


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